Gallery – Collages

To view customer’s collages scroll below; for details on the many varieties of collages available, read below. If you have any questions, please refer to our Contact Us page.


We have many collages available. We also allow for flexibility when creating a collage. Most of the ones seen here were designed for high school seniors. A few of the examples were done for children or for pets. However, we do collages for couples and for other events, as well. We love to expand our horizons and if you have a special collage not listed here that you would like us to create, we would be happy to design something special for you. If you would like special graphics added (such as zebra stripes, circles, butterflies, etc.) you need to specify that when you place your order, otherwise we may not add these graphics. Our artists usually add elegant borders and drop shadows to enhance your photographs.


Sports Collages

These collages include a 12×16 with your favorite pictures of your sport’s action and/or team matted to a 16×20. It can also include text (optional at no additional charge). You choose the photographs, we choose the best arrangement.

Want it framed…any print we reproduce receives a 20% discount on framing…always! See our custom framing.


Senior Collage

This collage is not restricted to seniors. Many of our customers choose this collage because of the flexible design options. It includes four foreground pictures and one background photograph of your choice. Text is optional. The print size is 11×14 and you receive the collage in an attractive folder. Need it larger, we can do that too, 16×20 or larger gets mounted onto an acid free board.

As always, framing is 20% off when it’s done by us. See custom framing.


Name Collage

Images of your choice are placed in the letters of your name. We select the best font to fit your photographs. You can use your full name, or a nickname. They are available in two sizes, 11×22 or 8×30.

Want it framed, but can’t find a frame to fit…any print we reproduce receives a 20% discount on framing…always! See custom framing.

This is not just for seniors, if you have a son, daughter, or grandchildren this would be an ideal gift to treasure.


Simple Collection

If you prefer a simple, yet modern way to display your favorite photographs, our Simple Collection may be what you want. These collages include two to four photographs of your choice with attractive graphics added. Adding your favorite color or a matching hue in a simple border will make this display extra special. Each picture size is about 4” x 5”. Order it vertical to display in a hard-to-fill vertical spaces.

This makes a beautiful gift for weddings or birthdays. Boys and young men tend to favor this collage because it may be simpler and less frilly, but we’ve done this for moms, grandparents, weddings, and children. Since this photograph is a unique size we offer custom framing at a 20% discount.


Duo Collage

This collage includes two photographs of your choice. One is at full opacity and one is faded into the other. You may choose which image you prefer to be the primary (larger) photograph. Text is optional and at no additional charge. The print size is 11×14 and is delivered in an attractive folder. Larger sizes are available upon request and are mounted on an acid free board. Custom framing is available.


Exclusive Collection

Want something more personalized? How about our Exclusive Collection. These collages can be 11×14 or 16×20. These collections may include up to five photographs. They may include your name and date if you wish.  Adding text is at no additional fee. You select your favorite pictures and we’ll choose the best arrangement. These collages feature a unique background graphic. If you have a favorite shape or color, let us know so that we may create a special background graphic for your collage.

These are great for pictures of young children, babies, or special holiday photographs and framing is available.


Elegant Collection

Did you have something more classic in mind? Our Elegant Collections come in two sizes, 11×14 and 16×20. An 11×14 incorporates one large photograph with two smaller photos, your name, and date. The 16×20 combines one large photograph, up to five smaller photos, your name, and date. These collages are great for gifts or for framing.

These are great for pictures of young children, babies, or special holiday photographs. They are even more special showing your favorite wedding photographs.


Custom Collages

We will customize any collage. The collage you want must fall under one of our seven different styles and most of the parameters set by that collage style. This means that if the collage you want is very similar to the parameters set by the senior collage, then it will be the same size as the senior collage and will include four foreground images with one background image. You can personalize it by adding pictures, type, or graphics.

There is a surcharge for the extra pictures beyond the standard picture amount. The per picture surcharge is $9.50.

Want it framed, but can’t find a frame to fit…any print we reproduce receives a 20% discount on framing…always!