Photography Course

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The Course

Truly personalized instruction, image-driven, not equipment-driven. Learn about photography from picture to equipment not equipment to picture. Learn only the technical aspects that inform you about your images. Don’t let a fear of not being able to understand complex science keep you from taking beautiful photographs.

Stunning images can come from simple understandings. Spend time on your photographs not your camera. Go ahead – be dyslexic.

Look at your photographs, don’t look at your camera. Because it is art, you will never learn it all. Because you will never learn it all, you will never stop making mistakes.

Different people take different learning tracts. Learn what you need to know about the images you are pursuing. You don’t need to know and you will not be taught those things that do no affect the type of image you are pursuing. This pursuit will be active and dynamic, structured to your pace and vision. It will not be structured in modules, instruction sets, or semesters.

Learn what you need to know and don’t worry about the rest.

There is no degree or certificate available – only knowledge. Don’t commit thousands of dollars. We charge a simple hourly fee.

Learn photography from the inside out – from the photograph back to the elements affecting the image. Only some of these elements are camera related and will be discussed as they arise. It’s the photograph, not your camera, it’s the operator, not the machine. It’s your vision, settings are secondary.

Compare this offering to other instruction sites. What I offer is personalized instruction. All cameras vary in function and style, I will not be teaching you how to run your camera, but how to polish your photographic style.


 The Instructor

All instruction is digital based. I have 17 years digital experience and 30 years film based experience. I have a bachelor’s degree in business. I have studied printmaking at a graduate level. My serious interest in photography extends 49 years – I have owned my studio for 37 years. To learn more about me,  my studio, and examples of my work please visit my website at


The Classroom

The ‘classroom’ is a spacious sitting room adorned with my photography in my studio in Sunbury. It will not include wooden desks with plastic chairs. We have comfortable furniture to relax during discussion. Our ‘classroom’ doesn’t include fluorescent lighting, but incandescent lighting to create a cozy warm environment. I will have coffee available. You are welcome to bring your own drink, as well.


The Syllabus

Some students may feel the need to have everything spelled out. I cannot give you a precise syllabus or schedule because this course is set by you, designed by you, and tailored to your photography skills and needs. Below are some areas that will most likely be covered.

  • Student-led discussion
  • Active participation by all students is required
  • Instructor feedback/instruction/critique
  • Proper lighting, exposure, and composition
  • Digital processing techniques including Photoshop
  • Discussion on types of photography
  • Close up
  • Telephoto
  • Wide angle
  • Low and high contrast
  • Color vs. black and white
  • Other types as discussion leads
  • Photographic skills analysis/critique
  • Photographic assignments
  • Discussion on presentation methods
  • Matting/mounting/framing
  • Portfolio options
  • Electronic options



Come Prepared With:

• Your camera

• Examples of your work (4 printed for the first day of class, individual assignments

• Knowledge of how your camera works (instruction will not be focused on individual
cameras, this course is not designed to teach you those skills)

• A list of questions or ideas you would like to see covered in the course

• A calendar


Come Prepared To:

• Understand, not memorize

• No tests given



The Tuition

The first day of the course will be one hour in length because it is an introduction to the course. Individualized and personalized meetings may be scheduled with the instructor with two or more students.

  • ½ hour……………….$22.00
  • 1 hour…………..…….$44.00
  • ½ day (3 hours)……….$100.00

During one on one instruction bring a friend or share the time and each of you will save 10%.



Interested students should email, phone, or visit me.

Mark Mallett

515 Market Street

Sunbury, PA 17801

[email protected]



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