Gallery – Photo Restoration


To view customers’ originals and the final reproduction scroll below; for details about what we are able to do with old photographs or film, read below. If you have any questions, please refer to our Contact Us page.



Specialized Lab Work & Old Photographs

  • color correction
  • retouching
  • restoration of damaged prints
  • color enhancing (adding color to black & white photographs)
  • making copies of antique framed prints
  • copy old prints
  • making enlargements


Negatives or Slides

  • any size film from any format camera
  • black and white, positives (slides) or negatives
  • making enlargements
  • color correction, cleaning, restoration
  • color tinting
  • scanning film to create digital files on CD
  • making prints from slides/transparencies


*** We respect our fellow professionals and copyright laws and we will not reproduce any photograph or print that was professionally done. If you have
written permission from the professional we can then reproduce the print. ***



In addition to our large in-house negative database, we can create images from your old photographs, negatives, or slides (transparencies). Every reproduction is examined by our art staff for spotting, crack repair, and color correction. We do not “straight print” anything. Any original prints or negatives brought to us are handled carefully, kept in house (not sent out) and returned to you the way you brought them to us. We do not restore or do work on your original print. Restoration is only performed on reproductions and digitally reproduced. Restoration on original pieces of artwork or prints can only be performed by a professional museum staff member experienced in restoration of original artworks.

  •    Old photographs can be reproduced to any size. Small to large or large to small. Faded color can usually be restored. Cracks or spots can usually be repaired. Any print reproduced has a fresher, newer look than the original that it is made from.
  •   We can also convert old photographs to digital files on a CD or USB. Charges are time-based.
  • Do you have an image you would like smaller to be placed in a locket? We can do this too. And we’ll even do retouching to it before it’s placed into the locket.
  •  We are able to scan your film from any format camera, color or black and white, positives (slides) or negatives. Once your film is digitized, the image can be printed any size. Image preparation makes all the difference when having your work done here. Spotting and color correction are standard applications at our studio. Black and white images can be color tinted. Printing on watercolor paper or canvas is an extra cost option.


Everything is done in house.

“Your precious photograph will never leave our premises.”