Gallery – Family, Children & Pets


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We understand that family is important and we value our photography and services. Families have been coming to us for many years. We have photographed generations of our customers. We are now photographing third generation customers! We are continually adding more families and extended families to our clientele. Each new wedding we photograph adds a new family branch to our customers.

We photograph weddings, anniversaries, parties, holiday events and other important family events. We have had families come in to our studio and we have traveled to our customers’ favorite locations. Weddings have also led us outside of the United States. Engagement pictures will show everyone how much you care for one another and may provide your wedding guests with nice wallets of you.

A family’s pride and joy is the bright-eyed children in their lives. We have photographed newborns, infants, and adults. No child is too young, or too old for us! We have some parents who come each year to have their children photographed as they grow. Sometimes children bring their favorite toys or pets to be photographed. We also have experience taking those precious maternity-belly photographs! You’ll get to remember how big, or small that belly bump really was! We like to make these months of belly development with or without children that will soon be big brothers or sisters.

While we are discussing family, let us not forget that special furry family member! No pet is too big or too small for us to photograph. We love a challenge! Smaller animals can come to our studio with you…like parrots, dogs, cats, or lizards. We like to photograph your large family pet outdoors, or at your home. The largest family pets we have photographed have been horses; but we would love the challenge of photographing a bigger family pet, say your pet elephant?!



Your family is important and we value family. Bring an outfit or two, we have a dressing room for you to change your look. We suggest at least two different outfits. Our studio can accommodate around 10-15 individuals. Bring your newborns, your grandparents and even your great-great grandparents!



If your family includes more than 10 or 15 individuals, we recommend going outside the studio for your portraits. We could go to your home, a local park, or somewhere you would prefer. We never charge travel fees. This on-site session is best for frail individuals, extremely large gatherings, reunions, or special occasions. If you have a special event such as a Barmitzvah, Batmizvah, birthday party, or any other special event, we are willing to travel there so you don’t have to. The best part is that there are absolutely no travel fees!


Engagement Portraits

We provide engagement portraits for those couples looking to be married soon. For those brides and grooms that book their wedding with us, they receive a complementary engagement session or pre-bridal session and 8-pose portfolio. Future brides and grooms visit our Wedding Photography page and view some of our photographs. For couples that choose us as their wedding photographer, we offer a signature board for signing advice or good wishes for the newlyweds at your reception (fees apply).



Whether you are celebrating 50 years of marriage bliss, or one year of dating, we offer couple portraits that will suit your style.


Just Because

If you want holiday portraits, or you simply want to have special portraits to celebrate your affection for one another, we can tailor a session to your needs. They can be formal portraits or casual pictures, indoors or outdoors. If you and your siblings have never had pictures taken together, now is the time! We like fun photographs that show your bond for each other, and your parents will be overjoyed to have an image with all of you for their wall!



Capture that youth in a timeless photograph. Whether it’s a few children or several generations, we want to photograph their personalities. If it is a birth, a one-year birthday, a holiday picture, or a photograph just because…we are here to photograph your loved ones and every milestone they meet.

We also capture special events like birthday parties, christening and baptismal ceremonies.

If you have a family pet or pets, bring them with. They are part of the family too. Whether it is a mouse, a dog or two, a parrot, a snake, a hermit crab, we have seen it all…bring them with to show their best!