Gallery – Business



  • Are you a business or church which is trying to develop a directory?
  • Do you need to update your webpage images?
  • Has your company grown and in need of ID badges?
  • Would you like to update your personal business card photograph?
  • Did one of your employees or managers receive a special honor or award?
  • Do you need a professional image submitted to a newspaper?
  • Are you advertising something or someone in your company which involves
  • Do you have a product that needs quality photographs for a brochure? Do you need
 a brochure or flyer designed?


All commercial work will normally leave the studio in electronic formats
(most companies require CD or emailed images. Charges are all time-based).



We can photograph your business, the company buildings, or those who work there.



You and your employees may come to our studio to have formal portraits. Lighting and posing will be best in our camera room. We also have more flexibility in background changes.


Final Product

Your final product can be in any form you prefer. We can upload your favorite images directly to your email. We can print any size needed. We can also create a CD with your image(s).


Specialty Printing

If you need an extra large print we can do this too. We have a large format photographic printer. Large prints are great for advertising your company, service, product, or personnel.


Institutional Displays

After photographing your employees, we can custom mat and frame them. Or we can match existing frames exhibiting your former employees with new employees.


Lighted Displays

Use lighted displays to market your services or products in your windows to possible customers. These lighted boxes are custom made for each company. We offer a variety of sizes, and they are rental based and affordable. Visit us today for details. The ones shown below are exhibited in our spacious sitting room. These are 24×30, but we are capable of making smaller sizes. We replace images as needed so you don’t have to.


Small Product Photography

If you need quality photographs of your small products we offer have several options available. We can photograph your products at your location, or in the studio. At our studio you will have beautiful controlled lighting to give your products their best appearance. We can then retouch and resize your images to suit your needs. We can provide you with prints for display in frames or in albums. We can send your images to you through email quickly. Or we could place all of your retouched and resized favorites on a CD or USB for personal uploading.

The best way to advertise your product or services is through photographs. If you want good results, a professional photographer is your best bet for quality photographs.

Grace is our in-house designer and if you need a brochure designed to display and advertise your new photographs and products, discuss with her your ideas. Format for the final brochure will be PDF, unless another format is needed. Brochure charges are time based, regardless of how many pages or the size of your design.